TERMOPACK   TP     PTFE pipe sealing cord        TYPE   55
Technology Coated multifilament thread
Chemical Type PTFE      thread      with      inert proprietary paste
Appearance White colored, coated cord
Cure Not applicable
Application Thread sealing
Packing length:150 m                           ph: 0-14
t:–200°C  + 260 °C
specific gravity 2,2 gr/cm3
TERMOPACK                                           TP  PTFE pipe sealing cord    TYPE 55   is a general purpose, threaded pipe and fitting
sealant which is wound from the dispensing package onto the
threads of the pipe. It is supplied in containers, which serve for
both storage and dispensing purposes. Recommended for
sealing metal and plastic tapered pipe threads and fittings up
to 4′ NPT (National Pipe Thread) for use in industrial
applications in aqueous and non-aqueous fluids. Particularly
suitable in threaded assembly applications that require
immediate use and may undergo small readjustments before
use. This product is typically used in applications up to  260 °C.
Classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® for use on
threaded joints of metal pipes not exceeding 1-1/2 inch pipe
size in devices handling gasoline, petroleum oils and not
exceeding 1 inch pipe size in devices handling natural gas
(pressures not over 2.07 MPa), propane and butane.
Certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for use in commercial and    residential potable water systems not exceeding 82° C.
Certified to CSA International Class 3319-01 & 3319-81 for       use with natural and liquified petroleum gases (vapor state) and intended for use  at ambient temparatures of -54 C to 260 C  with maximum pressure rating of 2,07 Mpa. 
EN 751-2
Sealing materials for metallic threaded joints in contact
with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd family gases and hot water; Part 2:
Non-hardening jointing  compounds. TP  type 55   has
been tested and conforms to EN 751-2 for a class ARp
compound and carries the DVGW approval.
WRC and KTW approval
Suitability of non-metallic products for use in contact with
water intended for human consumption with regard to
their effect on the quality of the water. TP 55 has
been tested and has potable water approval to BS 6920 and
also meets the specifications of the WRC and KTW for both
cold and hot potable water.