1005 TP 101GFY Glass Fiber Yarn


Specification: Filament diameter: 11um or 13um
Tex 430-2400

Packing : In carton

Product Description

Producing by the stable kiln, E-glass continuous fiber glass yarn has many good properties such as even density for the yarn, high strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, easy machining ect. It is mainly used for various
kinds of textiles yarn of reinforcement, filament coating, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and so on.

Package: Bobbin
Milk bottle and big paper bobbin

Technical properties
Diameter Tex Size Tensile Direction Twist/m Rolling
codes of type strength of twist package
filament (N/tex)
TP G9-32X1 9 32 Paraffln ≥ 0.4 ‘S’ or 10-150 Milk bottle
TP G9-68X1 68 Silane ‘Z’ and big
TP G9-136X1 136 Starch paper robbin
TP G9-32X(2-12) 66-396
Trademark: TP GFJ