TERMOGASKET PU – Polyurethane is a new polymer material between plastic and rubber .

PU sheets and rood  are made from branded raw materials Desmopan , German quality

PU is formed after chemical reaction of polymer polyalcohol and isocyanate through chain extension and cross linkage ,it is divided into polyether (PPG) and polyester according to its backbone chain.

PPG and Polyester sheet two kinds for clients to choose, Polyester is more excellent wear resistance than PPG,but PPG is more competitive in price.

Polyurethane can be adapted to comprise a wide range of unique properties, which is a key factor of its versatility.

Abrasion resistance,Toughness – Tensile strength, High load bearing ability, High tear resistance, Mechanical properties

Resistance to water, oil, grease, Electrical properties, Corrosion resistance


Product Name Color Thickness (mm) Dimension (length*width)
PU Sheet White/Yellow/Transparent,Red,Blue 1mm~30mm 1000mm*1200mm;1200*2000mm


PU Sheet 30mm~200mm 500mm*500m


Product Name Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
PU Rod


¢10mm ¢15mm ¢20mm ¢25mm ¢30mm ¢35mm ¢40mm ¢45mm ¢50mm ¢55mm 500mm
¢60mm ¢65mm ¢70mm ¢75mm ¢80mm ¢85mm ¢90mm ¢95mm ¢100mm ¢110mm
¢120mm ¢130mm ¢140mm ¢150mm ¢160mm ¢180mm ¢200mm ¢250mm

Mechanical properties

shore hardness А 1s DIN ISO 7619-1 85
shore hardness D 1s DIN ISO 7619-1 32
Ultimate tensile strength 200 mm/min МРa Ь.o. ISO 527-1,-3 40
Strain at Ьreak 200 mm/min % Ь.o. ISO 527-1,-3 450
Stress at 100 % strain 200 mm/min МРa Ь.o. ISO 527-1,-3 6.0
Stress at 300 % strain 200 mm/min МРa Ь.o. ISO 527-1,-3 17
Сompression set 24 h; 70 °С % DIN ISO 815-1, Мethod А 36
Сompression set 72 h; 23 °С % DIN ISO 815-1 30
Сompression set 24 h; 70 °С % DIN ISO 815-1, Мethod С 25
АЬrasion resistance mm3 ISO 4649 method А 30
ReЬound resilience % ISO 4662 42
Tear strength 500 mm/min kN/m ISO 34-1 70

Thermal properties

Tensile storage modulus -20 °С МРa ISO 6721-1,-4 186
Tensile storage modulus 20 °С МРa ISO 6721-1,-4 51
Tensile storage modulus 60 °С МРa ISO 6721-1,-4 37

Other properties (23 °С)

Density kg/m3 ISO 1183-1 1200

Recommended processing and drying conditions

Injection molding – Мelt temperature °С 210 – 230
Injection molding – Мold temperature °С 20 – 40
Мaximum drying temperature °С 80