1015 TP  106TGFT                                               Texturized Glass Fiber TapeSTAKLENA_TRAKA_LEPIVA485_STAKLENE.TRAKE

Glass fiber tape adhesive

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TP  106TGFT  Texturized Glass Fiber Tape

TP  106TGFT  R reinforced glass fiber tape,

TP  106TGFT G  Glass fiber tape with graphite impregnation

TP  106TGFT AD  Glass fiber tape adhesive

TP  106TGFT Al   Glass fiber tape aluminium

 TP  106TGFT TT     Glass fiber Tadpole Tape


Made from textured fiberglass, It offers superior insulating properties as well as low chloride content. Applications include wrapping of steam stacer line,hot pipe protection ,exhaust manifold ,insulation,strip curtains for oven doors,tadpole tape and gaskets ,Available in stainless steel wire reinforced,heat treated tan color finish,lami8nated with aluminum foil,and coated with silicon rubber or vermiculite.etc.

Main Sizes:




Material Weight gr/cm³ Max .temp.   C Thickness mm Width/ lenght/M Thermal conductivity (at 500°C)
Texturized glass fibre 100% E glass 0,7 650 0,5-5mm 20-100 0.100 W/mK