FlexealingASTAsbestos sheet with Tanged 0.2-0.25mm Carbon Steel insert

TERMOGASKET  TG  asbestos sheet  with tanged  AST is made of asbestos Paper & Sheet with 0.20-0.25mm tinplate reinfoced, which is extensively applied in manufacturing various gaskets of motor,water pump and air-condition. .The product has excellent performance in dilatability, sealing equality and long life etc..

Mainly applied in automobile farming machine, motorcycle,engineering,water pump and air-condition etc.,it is also can be used in high strength gaskets and cylinder gaskets etc..

Common Size :
1000mm x 1000mm,  500mm x 1000mm, 500mm x 1200mm, 500mm x 500mm

Thickness: 1.0mm ~ 3.0mm

Packing: in strong export standard cases of about 1000 kgs or 2000kgs net each.

Main Properties: 

Technical Data:
Density,(Asbestos paper): 1.0~1.3g/cm 3
Condensability: 40.0?R7.0%
Elastic recovery: >20.0%
Loss on ignition: 24%(850?aC—-1h)