TERMOGRAF FGS Purified natural graphite is treated with acid at high pressure. It is heat and chemical resistant and has excellent flexibility and elasticity so various jigs can be processed again even without any additive or adhesive.

TERMOGRAF FGS Flexible Graphite maintains the utmost in performance and sealability. Available in rolls, sheets, and cut or otherwise formed to fit virtually any configuration in most any application requiring a durable, low maintenance, high performance gasket.


TERMOGRAF FGS flexible graphite is an extremely versatile sealing material made without binders, resins or other additives; it is the obvious choice for such internal combustion applications as:

  • Exhaust manifold gaskets
  • Exhaust ring seals
  • Turbo charger gaskets
  • Intake manifold and crossover gaskets
  • Gas turbine seals and gaskets
  • Heat shields
  • Airbags

Noise and vibration harshness (NVH)
TERMOGRAF FGF is made from flake graphite with high carbon content which is gone through chemical treatment, expanding under high temperature and then rolling.It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good elasticity, and is the basic material for making all kinds of reinforced graphite sheets, graphite tapes, packing and sealing gaskets. Working temperature-200~650oC(in air),-200~3000oC(in non-oxidizing media).

TERMOGRAF has four grade scope for its graphite foils in roll.

Grade N
is Nuclear grade graphite foil, it can be used to make gaskets to use in nuclear power plant.
Grade A is the best materials to use in common industry, which usually are used to make cylinder head gasket, graphite sheet gasket, spiral wound gasket etc.
Grade B is the better materials to use in common industry, which usually are used to make spiral wound gasket, manifold gasket, graphite sheet gasket, graphite rings and packing yarns.
Grade C is the common materials for industry usage.

Purity 99.50% 99% 99% 98%
Sulphur <500PPM 1000PPM 1200PPM 1500PPM
Chloride 20PPM 35PPM 40PPM 50PPM
Ash 0.5% 1% 1% 2%
Sealalibity 0.5ml/hr 0.5ml/hr 0.5ml/hr 0.5ml/hr
Compressibility 42-45% 40-45% 40-45% 40-45%
Recovery 12-15% 10-15% 10-15% 10-15%
Density 0.7-1.2g/cm3 0.7-1.2g/cm3 0.7-1.2g/cm3 0.7-1.2g/cm3
Tolerances +/-5% +/-5% +/-5% +/-5%
Moisture <0.5% <0.5% <0.5% <0.5%

TERMOGRAF Graphite Rolls Specification:

Density 0.7-1.2g/cm3
Thickness 0.15mm-1.0mm (in roll)
Width <=1500MM
Length 30m-500M in roll

TERMOGRAF FGS Pure Graphite Sheets is recommended for industrial application involving high sealing stress and chemical resistance. It can be used with steam and a wide range of media (with the exception of strong oxidising agents at extreme temperature and high pressure).
It is recommended when a superior load retention at elevate temperature and an excellent creep relaxation value are required.
Thanks to its characteristics avoids flanges pitting.
Maximum temperature: 650°C (inert or reducing media)
Maximum working temperature: 450°C (oxidising media)
Minimum recommended temperature: -200°C
Maximum recommended pressure: 10 MPa (100 bar

Density 0.7-1.2g/cm3
Thickness 0.5mm~6.0mm
Size 1000MM X 1000MM; 1500MM X 1500MM;

1000MM X 2000MM; 1500MM X 2000MM

1500MM X 3000MM; 1000MM X 3000MM

610MM X 610MM; 1270MM X 1270MM

                             TERMOGRAF FGS

TERMOGRAF FGB Flexible Graphite Belts
TERMOGRAF FGC Flexible Graphite Corrugated Belts
TERMOGRAF FGA Flexible Graphite Belts with Back Adhesive
TERMOGRAF FCA Flexible Graphite Corrugated Belts with Back Adhesive


  • width from 4.0mm to 300 mm
  • pH 0-14
  • permanent operating temperature: 450 C
  • permanent operating temperature (steam): 750 C
  • temperature (innert gases): up to 3000 C
  • pressure up to 300 bar
  • purity of graphite 99 % (or 99.50 %)
  • density 1,0 g/cm3