TG SMGWC                   Serrated metal gasket without collar

680 681-right

TG SMGWC   1.                 Serrated metal gasket with outer collar

681 681-right

TG SMGWC                   2            Serrated metal gasket with inner collar

682 682-r

TG SMGWC                   3. Serrated metal gasket with inner & ourter collar

683 683-r

TG SMGWC                   0~3 Serrated metal gasket

Construction: 0~3 is made of cold rolled metal plate, but it has concentric grooves and effective sealing area is minimized so as to increase sealing effect.

Application: 0~3 Serrated metal gaskets are extensively used on pipe flanges. Valve bonnets, covers of pressure vessels at high pressure and temperature

Size:Standard sizes are prepared to fit JIS and ANSI pipe flanges. Other gasket sizes are also available with the following standard dimensions.

?D P T t
~ 100 1 3 2
101 ~ 250 4.5 3
251 ~ 630 6 4.5
631 ~ 1,600 8 6

TG SMGWC                   5          Flat metal gasket

Construction: TG SMGWC 5. is the most simple and economical type of all metal gaskets.These gaskets are produced from cold rolled metal plate. The effective sealing face of the gasket is machined and polished to perform a satisfactory function as gasket.

Advantage:These gaskets work better when they are installed on the flanges and joints that are finished with v-groove or groove having nubbins on the gasket seating face.

Application: TG SMGWC  5 can be used on pipe flanges to high pressure and high temperature steam process line, joints of heat exchanger,autoclave and valve bonnets.

Standard Thickness: 1.5mm,3.0mm