machinesGM-PT Packing Tools
Packing Tools with Flexible Shafts;
 3 Packing Tools with Solid Shafts and Pick Tips;
 9 Removable Corkscrew Tips;
 3 Woodscrew Tips;
 1 Wrench;
 1 Rustproof Tool Box

The slitting substrate supplied is of  3 mm gauge and has a diameter of 400 mm. Diameters available are 400 mm. 700 mm and 1270 mm
Operating Instructions
a) Cut out central locating hole using 16mm wad punch provided.
b) Place material over locating pin (1) and extend tape measure as shown in photograph.
c) Adjust position of locating pin (1) by undoing lever located below the pin.
d) Align the cutting wheel (2) at the required OD of the gasket reading off the measuring scale and lower the wheel using small adjustment handle (3).
e) Lock locating pin (1) firmly.
f) Turn handle (4) to simultaneously rotate and cut gasket, progressively increasing cutting depth by turning handle (3)
 Note: Materials 2.5 mm and over should be cut from both sides.
g) Once OD is completely cut, readjust locating pin to cut ID

Dimensions and weights
Equipment                                with hand wheel       with motor drive

Length max.                                         1100mm                      1200mm
eight max.                                            250 mm                        250mm
Width max.                                           170mm                         170
Weight                                                   6.5 kg                            9,3 kg
Drive facility
Voltage                                                 220/240 V 50 hz
Power rating                                                50 w
Drive shaft revolutions                              53 rpm
MCB protection                                           IP 54
Overloading MCB, automatic                   THERMAL TRIGGERING
Slitting speed, dependent on workpiece and gauge      5.5-6.5 M/min
working application
Min. circular feature diameter, dependent on gauge              approx.  80 mm
Max. circular feature diameter                                                     1250mm
Circular feature width, dependent on type of workpiece         up to 1 mm
Circular feature width max.                                                           160mm
Slitting depth, dependent on type of workpiece                         9mm