machinesM-GM300A2 Metal Cutting Machine (Modern Style)

TP SM MCM2  is one of the subsidiary spiral wound gasket making machines,which is used to cutting the metal into belts. The accurate width and thickness of metal parameter are the fundamental quality requirements of spiral wound gaskets. The width parameter of the rolling knife of this machine can be used to produce 4.5mm thickness spiral wound gaskets, if you produce the 3.2mm or 6.5mm thickness spiral wound gasket, you have to order other rolling knives.

Technical Data:

Major Technical Parameter
Power Rating: 0.75kw /H
Speed of the rolling knife:20rpm
Knife hardness:HRC > 50
Metal width range: <=100mm
Metal thickness range: 0.1~0.3mm
The width of metal belt:5.1mm +/-0.02mm
Voltage: 380V 50Hz

Net Weight: 280KGS; Size:1.9m x 0.76m x 1.16m
Working Space needed: 2.5m x 2.2m