Silicone Carbide
Silicone Carbide is the execellent material among the secondary frictional materials. The frictional factor of the combination of silicone-carbide and carbon-graphite is the least.So silicone carbide is widely applied to components of high-temperature heat engine, abrasion resistant fields of automobile, astronavigation, shipping etc.
Technical Parameter of Solid Sintered Alpha Silicone Carbide
  • Purity: >97%
  • Indicated Porosity <0.2%
  • Density: >=3.10 g/cm3
  • Hardness: >= 115HS
  • Modulus of Elasticity >= 450Gpa
  • Bending Strength >= 400Mpa
  • Free- Silicone <=0.2%
  • Free- Carbon <=0.2%
Technical Parameter of Reaction Bonded Silicone Carbide
  • Density: 3.00 – 3.05g/cm3
  • Strength: 110-120HS
  • Modulus of Elasticity: 394Gpa
  • Tensile Strength 28Mpa
  • Bending Strength: 338Mpa
  • Compression Strength: 1120Mpa
  • Thermal Coefficienet of Expansioin: 4.3 x 10(-6)
  • Heat-resisting Temperature(in at mosphere): 1300 C
  • Thermal Shock Coefficient: 46.5 cal/cm.sec
  • Free-Silicone value: 10%
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