Mica Sheet with Tanged 0.1MM SS316 insert

FlexealingTMAMica sheet as an asbestos-free sealing material,it’s made by selected mica material mixed with proper adhesive after pressed and baked, is has good mechanical strength and strength and property of heat resistance.it can be reinforced with tanged metal .it has proven beyond doubt the best and most reliable permanent sealing characteristics,low minimum compressive load, self-adjusting to enlarging gaps,no burning or sticking to flanges,compensating action in ceramic/steel joints with unequal expansion.

A mica based laminate material available in 1200 x 1000mm/600 x 1000mm sheets or cut gaskets. TERMOMICA TMA comprises two outer layers of mica with a central tanged 0.1MM SS316 core

  • Thickness range 0.8mm to 4.0mm
  • Exceptional resistance to high temperatures
  • Mechanically bonded laminate. No adhesive used
  • Tanged core gives greater stability in vibrating conditions
  • Ideal for hot/dry gas duties, exhaust systems and turbochargers
  • Maximum service temperature 700 Deg C continuous
  • Maximum service temperature 1000 Deg C intermittent
  • Maximum service pressure 5 Bar

Other Style:

  • TERMOMICA TMB Mica sheet with tanged 0.1MM SS304 insert
  • TERMOMICA TMC Mica sheet with tanged 0.2MM Carbon Steeel insert