TG_WIRE_REINFORCEDAsbestos rubber sheet reinforced with steel wire insert

Construction: CERTIFICATE
TERMOGASKET TG wire reinforced TG 400 is made of good asbestos fiber rubber with steel wire inserted and compound heating and compression molding it (can be coated with graphite on the surface).

used in flange joins of pipeline of water, steam, air, gas,oil etc.
Working pressure : 30Mpa Refractoriness: 600 C
Common Size :
1550mm x 2050mm; 1550mm x 1367mm; 1270mm x 1270mm, 1500mm x 2000mm; 1500mm x 3000mm;1000mm x 2000mm; 1000mm x 1500mm; 1350mm x 2000mm,1500X1500MM

Thickness: 1.0mm – 6mm

Packing: in strong export standard cases of about 1000 kgs or 2000kgs net each.

Main Properties:

Item TG wire reinforced
Tensile Strength( MPa) 21
Temperature(?aC) 600
Pressure (Mpa) 30
Aging Coefficient?Ý 0.9
Density g/cm 3 2.0 -2,2
Compressibility% 12
Elasticity% 40
Softness No Crack
Stress -relaxation%?Ü 50

Available colour: Black, grey, red, blue etc.
Available with tin steel, copper, SS304 etc. wire mesh insertion.
Also available with anti-stick or graphite coating .