Flexealing4320Oil resistance Non-asbestos rubber sheet (max.200 deg.C)

TERMOGASKET  TG  NA Universal 200 Oil-Resisting Non-asbestos Sheet is made from Kevlar fiber, synthetic rubber, filling material and dey, compressed and calendered underhigh temperature and pressure into a sheet form, it eliminates asbestos-rubber sheet essentially and thoroughly.

Substitution of corresponding models of oil-resisting asbestos rubber sheet. Mainly used as the sealing gasket material for the equipment in kerosene, petrochemical, alkali, solvent, fuel oil, petroleum-based lubricating oil and other mediums and used as sealing material in the joints of oil pipeline and sealing gasket used on automobiles motorcvcles, agricultural machines, engineering machinery engines

Common Size :
1550mm x 2050mm; 1550mm x 1367mm; 1270mm x 1270mm, 1500mm x 2000mm; 1500mm x 3000mm;1000mm x 2000mm; 1000mm x 1500mm; 1350mm x 2000mm

Thickness: 0.3mm – 6mm

Packing: in strong export standard cases of about 1000 kgs or 2000kgs net each.

Main Properties:

Item Oil-Resisting Non-asbestos Sheet
TG NA  U 200 4330 4335
Density g/cm³ 1.7-1.9 1.7-1.9 1.7-1.9
Tensile strength Mpa 8 11 12
Comperssibility LA 12 ?R 5 12 ?R 5 12 ?R 5
Recovery LA 45 50 50
Stress relaxation rate LA 45 45 45
Tmax: 200 300 350
Pmax:Mpa 2.0 3.0 3.5
Resistance to media Oil fuel,gases,salt solutions and many other media.

Available colour: Green-white, Blue, Black with some white or Red
Available with tin steel, copper, SS304 etc. wire mesh insertion
Also available with anti-stick or graphite coating