Flexealing3250Steel asbestos gaskets

TERMOGASKET TG motor is compaunded by adoping metal sheet and asbestos gaskets.It is sandwich material composed of tanged insertion core perforated steel plate without anz surface treatment. It is used to sealing explosion engine cylinder gasket and chemical gasket.Material is graphited.
Application: material is resistant to oil,fuel and cooling liquid.

Working pressure : 30Mpa Refractoriness: 600 C

Common Size : 500mm x 1000mm

Thickness: 1.0mm – 3mm

in strong export standard cases of about 1000 kgs or 2000kgs net each.

Main Properties:

Item TG motor
Tensile Strength( MPa) 25
Temperature(?aC) 600
Pressure (Mpa) 30
Aging Coefficient?Ý 0.9
Density g/cm 3 2.5-3,1
Compressibility% 12?R5
Elasticity% 40
Softness No Crack
Stress -relaxation%?Ü 50

Available colour: Black,